Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In open letter to Maienschein, California associations update their “Opposed Unless Amended” position on SB 272

In a more recent open letter, this one sent on July 8th to Brian Maienschein, chair of the California Assembly Local Government Committee and the Assembly co-author of SB 272, a group of California state associations of local government agencies expressed appreciation for the changes that had been made in the bill in the Assembly Local Government Committee on July 6th, but re-iterated their position of “Oppose Unless Amended” on this bill, which would mandate these agencies and others to disclose online what they consider to be “sensitive” information, withholding their support unless two remaining concerns were addressed:

They say:  

“In summary, we are requesting the following amendments to the July 6th version of SB 272.

“Specifically list vendor in GC 6254.19 to allow information technology experts to decide as to whether it is a security risk.

“Include 911 and emergency services as well as natural gas and electricity to the list of exemptions.”

They conclude:

“For these reasons, our associations continue to have an OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED position on SB 272.”

Etopia News hopes to speak soon with Assemblymember Maienschein or his spokesperson to ascertain what he thinks about making the changes called for by the group of state associations of local government agencies, as well as discovering his current thinking about how best to move forward with SB 272.

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