Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kaiser Permanente is “actively researching” lessons to be learned from Anthem data hack

 Ted Carr, a spokesman for the Kaiser Permanente health care system, today, in response to a query about that organization’s protection of its patients’ electronic medical records (EMR), told Etopia News:

“We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of our members' and patients' information. We take this responsibility very seriously. Protecting our members’ and patients’ information is a core part of our commitment to them – it is as important as our work to provide high-quality care and service.

“Because the area of cyber security is constantly changing, and hackers are always evolving their tactics, we regularly assess and monitor our security systems and protocols to help protect member and patient information. We have information security systems, processes and experts in place, and react quickly to incorporate new learnings to help keep this information secure.

“Additionally, we are actively researching the tools and techniques that were used against Anthem and working with members of the information security community to further assess, anticipate and respond to risks.”

No comment yet on whether the system’s cyber-security specialists use intrusion detection and response tools or whether or not patient data is encrypted.