Saturday, September 16, 2017

Emmy-nominated writers congregate in Beverly Hills to discuss their craft

A panoply of very-accomplished writers shared their career experiences and views last night (September 15, 2017) in the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills at that group’s “Sublime Primetime 2017” panel discussion.  Moderated affably by Larry Wilmore, the panel consisted of:

Steven Davis and Kelvin Yu, co-writers of the “Bob, Actually” episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Lena Waithe, co-writer with Aziz Ansari of the “Thanksgiving” episode of Master of None.

Gordon Smith, writer of the “Chicanery” episode of Better Call Saul.

Jo Miller, head writer and showrunner at Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, whose writing staff won the 2017 Emmy for the variety special “Not the White House Correspondents Dinner.”

Matt and Russ Duffer, co-writers of the pilot episode, “Chapter One:  The Vanishing of Will Byers.” of Stranger Things, of which they are both also co-creators.

Ms. Miller and her team have already won an Emmy.  The others are nominated for Emmys for their works cited above.  The awards will be presented on Sunday, September 17th.

Ms. Miller answered some questions from Etopia News in a brief video segment.  She declared emphatically during the interview that the political satire she produces has no effect on anything. Nevertheless, she says that when the work coheres, that’s a great joy in itself.

After regaling the attentive and enthusiastic audience of dignitaries, press, and others with their origin stories as writers, their tribulations with clueless studio executives, and the dynamics of collaboration, a consensus was reached favoring advice from Lena Waithe to “be great.”  Also agreed upon was the need to “be yourself.”

The moderator and all the guests were themselves, and they were great.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Deluxe VR and Guy Norris’ Creative Agency PROXi to Join Forces for Cinematic Virtual Reality

Etopia News today received this press release announcing a powerful new alliance in the virtual reality space:

January 11, 2017

Deluxe VR signs agreement with VR production company co-founded by 30-year veteran Action Director Guy Norris and son Harrison Norris, creators of “Suicide Squad” VR experience, to collaborate on 360° VR experiences

Los Angeles, CA – January 11, 2017 – Deluxe announced today that Deluxe VR has joined with PROXi to create cinematic 360° virtual reality (VR) experiences. Founded by Guy Norris, one of the industry’s foremost Action Directors and Stunt Coordinators, and his son Harrison Norris (both credited on Mad Max: Fury Road, Ghost in the Shell, and Suicide Squad), PROXi creates immersive adventures that drop audiences into the middle of Hollywood blockbusters. PROXi will integrate its creative, directing and live action 360° production expertise with Deluxe VR’s best-in-class global VFX, real-time rendered VR and on-set data services to create live-action VR spectacles of the biggest movies for worldwide audiences.  

Deluxe President and GM of Visual Effects and VR, Ed Ulbrich, recently worked with the Norrises on Warner Bros’ hit movie Suicide Squad. The Norrisses then went on to create the VR experience for Suicide Squad that debuted at Comic Con 2016. Ulbrich said, “Guy is one of the biggest and most highly regarded names in action design and stunts, and with Harrisson’s inspiration, he’s taken that passion into virtual reality. Some of the most compelling movie-based VR experiences come from big action sequences, and Guy is brilliant in that realm. Joining forces to extend Guy’s creative team with our specialization in VR and VFX is a perfect fit.” 

Norris said, “VR has let us unleash so many new ways to bring audiences inches from the action; the kind of experiences that have the interactivity of high-end gameplay and the immersiveness of cinematic film. It’s a new way of creating entertainment targeted specifically for the new generation of audiences. That’s where PROXi and Deluxe VR are such a perfect fit. Deluxe has a global reputation for artistry and innovation, and they have creative talent and technologists based all over the world. They’ve also been developing the kind of interactivity that elevates experience immersion. Together, we can create productions of the biggest scale and scope.”

About Deluxe VR
Los Angeles-based Deluxe VR provides end-to-end services across all VR platforms, including creating real-time and pre-rendered CG content as well as 360° live-action video. Its dedicated team of immersive experience designers, artists and developers work with the world’s leading brands and content partners to redefine what’s possible in content, communication and commerce.

About PROXi
PROXi is a creative agency and VR production company dedicated to cinematic, live action VR. Its cutting edge technology and years of combined filmmaking experience allow the company to create immersive adventures, exhibiting drama, horror, comedy and action in a way no other VR company can. PROXi’s proprietary software and extended post-production team allows it to take any project from concept to completion.

About Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. 
Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. is the global leader in digital services and technology solutions for content creation and delivery. Since 1915 Deluxe has been a trusted partner to Hollywood studios, independent filmmakers, TV networks, online content producers, brands, and anyone looking to bring stories and experiences to audiences. Deluxe Creative companies house the world’s top talent, amplified through a unified technology and business infrastructure to streamline processes, move media seamlessly, and connect our teams globally. Deluxe Delivery Solutions offer everything clients need to transform and deliver content in any format and release or broadcast window, for any recipient, to any device and destination. With headquarters in Los Angeles and New York, and operations in 25 key media markets worldwide, the company relies on the talents of 7,000 of the industry’s premier artists, experts, and innovators.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

California DMV revokes Uber’s driverless cars’ registrations; Uber takes them off the road and agrees to seek standard test permit, then says it’s cancelling the test instead

The impasse between Uber, the ride-hailing company, and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), an agency of the State of California, had apparently been resolved as the DMV revoked the registrations of the cars involved in Uber’s permitless testing of cars it said were “self-driving” but in need of monitoring, thereby exempting themselves from the requirement that autonomous vehicles must have a special permit to operate on California’s roadways; and Uber agreed to take the cars off the road and apply for the proper permit, before the ride-sharing company apparently changed its mind and said it was cancelling the test in California entirely.

First, the DMV sent out this press release:

“Consistent with the department’s position that Uber's vehicles are autonomous vehicles, the DMV has taken action to revoke the registration of 16 vehicles owned by Uber.  It was determined that the registrations were improperly issued for these vehicles because they were not properly marked as test vehicles.  Concurrently, the department invited Uber to seek a permit so their vehicles can operate legally in California.

“California’s testing regulations for autonomous vehicles strikes a balance between protecting public safety and embracing innovation. These regulations were adopted two years ago, and they are working for the 20 manufacturers now testing more than 130 autonomous vehicles on California’s streets and roads.  Uber is welcome to test its autonomous technology in California like everybody else, through the issuance of a testing permit that can take less than 72 hours to issue after a completed application is submitted.  The department stands ready to assist Uber in obtaining a permit as expeditiously as possible.”

It also released copy of the letter that DMV Director Jean Shiomoto sent to Uber earlier today.  The letter was addressed to Mr. Davis White at Uber Technologies, Inc. and read as follows:

Dear Mr. White:

I understand you spoke with California State Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Kelly this morning and informed him that Uber has removed all of its autonomous vehicles from the public roadways.  I appreciate the action that Uber has taken in the interest of public safety.  I also understand that Uber is interested in applying for a California autonomous vehicle testing permit.

I want to reassure you that the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) stands ready to work with you collaboratively.  The autonomous vehicle testing application process is simple and straightforward.  The application materials are available on our website (  I have dedicated a team to work with you to expedite the approval process.  You can reach the Autonomous Vehicles Testing Permit Team at (916) XXX-XXXX if you have any questions.  I will also personally help to ensure an expedited review and approval process.

The DMV fully supports the advancement of autonomous technologies.  This technology holds the promise of enhanced safety and mobility, but must be tested responsibly.  We are committed to assisting Uber in their efforts to innovate and advance this ground-breaking technology.


Jean M. Shiomoto

cc:       Brian P. Kelly, Secretary, California State Transportation Agency
            Bernard C. Soriano, Deputy Director
            Brian G. Soublet, Deputy Director/Chief Counsel

Brian Soublet wrote the original letter to Uber telling them back on December 14th that they needed to get a permit before they could test their self-driving cars in the streets of San Francisco.  You can read that letter here.

Ars Technica reported four hours ago that Uber would be terminating its self-driving car testing in California, rather than applying for a permit, as implied in the letter to Mr. Davis.

If true, this would render moot Director Shiomoto’s offer to give every priority to Uber in applying for a testing permit.