Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Montana Congressional Candidate Grant Kier opposes the House-Senate consensus tax bill

Etopia News contacted the communications directors of incumbent Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte and challenger Grant Kier, formerly executive director of the Five Valleys Land Trust, asking for comments from them about the tax bill now pending in Congress.  No word back from Congressman Gianforte's office yet, but Jake Brown in Kier's office provided the following statement from Kier regarding this legislation:

"Montanans were promised a bill that would simplify the tax code and provide relief to middle-class families, instead they've been given a bill that cuts taxes for wealthy people like Congressman Gianforte, adds trillions to the deficit, and does nothing for working Montanans. I was raised by a hard-working single mom. No one wants to see tax relief for working Montanans more than me, but this plan does nothing for the average taxpayer. We can’t raise taxes on those who can least afford it and make cuts to Medicare just so we can give huge tax breaks to Congressman Gianforte and his campaign donors."

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