Thursday, October 9, 2014

California Department of Public Health has activated its “Medical and Health Coordination Center”

Etopia News asked the California Department of Public Health three more questions.  Here's what it said:

1. What is California doing to heighten surveillance of people entering the state in terms of fighting Ebola? 

Response:  CDPH continues to work with our partners in local public health, emergency management and the health care network to ensure the appropriate protocols are in place to address any suspect Ebola case. While risk is low in California, we have also activated our Medical and Health Coordination Center (MHCC) to support preparedness and readiness of the public health infrastructure. California’s public health and health care systems are prepared to treat this disease, and avoid its spread.

2. Which agency would be doing this and are they? 

Response: CDPH works with federal, state and local partners to ensure appropriate protocols are in place.

 3. Will California get a task force like the one Texas Governor Rick Perry has just set up in his state, the Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response?
Response: CDPH has activated its Medical and Health Coordination Center to support preparedness of the public health infrastructure. This is a model used in California over the last several years to address disease outbreaks and coordinate response.
The California Hospital Association, on October 9,2014, alerted its members to this activation in a posting here.

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