Friday, October 4, 2013

Drew Gilpin Faust’s views on divestment are ripped to shreds by pro-divestment critics

After being petitioned on September 16th by Harvard students and alumni to convene a public forum to discuss divestment of the University’s fossil fuel holdings, Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust issued a statement declaring, in effect, “no divestment today, no divestment tomorrow, no divestment forever.”  You can read what she had to say here:


            It didn’t take long for critics to start pick apart her arguments.  Here’s what Tim DeChristopher had to say in the Nation:

            Then Climate Progress published “Harvard’s Four Reasons For Not Divesting From Fossil Fuels, And Why They’re All Wrong at:

            The movement to divest Harvard from entanglement in the fossil fuel/carbon bubble debacle-to-come is the culmination and flowering of the same ideals and commitments that President Faust declares to be at the center of Harvard’s mission as an institution of higher learning and research, something which also carries with itself a certain degree of heightened moral responsibility, which the University could exercise by divesting itself of its fossil fuel holdings sooner rather than later.

            All these issues are expected to be raised on the next episode of Etopia News, now scheduled for broadcast online at 12:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time on Monday, October 7th.

            Guests scheduled to appear on the show include Kelsey Wirth, Steven Aldrich, Beth Newhall, and, possibly, Divest Harvard alumni wing liaison Akhil Mathew.

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