Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Compilation of Divest Harvard videos and articles on Etopia News as of October 9, 2013

Etopia News has been covering Divest Harvard since June 13, 2013, when it presented “Akhil Mathew talks about Divest Harvard,” at:

This was followed up with a multi-campus panel discussion of university divestment entitled, “Talking Divestment Blues: UC Berkeley, Princeton, Brown, Harvard,” which first aired on June 24, 2013, at:

Prior to the September 16, 2013 alumni rally for divestment in Harvard Yard, Etopia News featured a “Harvard Alumni for Divestment 9-16-13 Rally Preview” on September 11, 2013, at:

Following this event, Etopia News convened a panel of Harvard Divest activists on October 7, 2013, to talk about it and about the path forward for the campaign, entitled “Update on Divest Harvard, October 7, 2013, at:


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