Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Psibernetix founder looking for new places to apply the company’s ALPHA technology

Nick Ernest, President and CEO of Psibernetix, recently told Etopia News that, having outgunned the U.S. Air Force's best human fighter pilot in a simulation using the ALPHA fuzzy-logic-based artificial intelligence programs, his company, a two-person S-corporation, is "looking for new contracts and new projects" to which it can apply its "unique...capability" in using "fuzzy logic" to solve "complex problems."

Already, Psibernetix (a re-imagining of the spelling of "cybernetics," a term coined by the late MIT professor Norbert Weiner to mean command-and-control in humans and machines) has used its advanced AI technology to build LITHIA, a program able to predict the likelihood that treating a given bi-polar patient with lithium will be effective and another one that can make predictions about concussions.

Future possible applications of Psibernetix's technology includes self-driving cars, autonomous aerial vehicles, Big Data, the Internet-of-Things, and market analysis.

The overall goal at Psibernetix is to enable the "real-time control of robots."  That's what "cybernetics" means, and that's what Psibernetix's ALPHA does.

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