Tuesday, December 15, 2015

OpenAI will focus on AGI and making it friendly, not technological unemployment, yet

In two pithy e-mails from spokesperson Matt Krisiloff, the recently-established OpenAI organization let it be known that, for now, their focus will be on creating Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and making sure that it’s friendly.  They will not yet be focusing on “technological unemployment,” the replacement of humans by robots and artificial intelligence that some observers are concerned about.

Asked about whether the organization would be addressing this issue of technological unemployment, here’s what Matt had to say:

“It will informally be part of the conversation, and may become more prominent as we get closer to success, but won't be a central focus for now.”

Etopia News then asked him “Will your central focus be on developing AGI and making sure it’s friendly?”  To which Matt promptly replied:

“In (very) short, yes :)”

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