Wednesday, November 25, 2015

FlyCam UAV top management supports FAA proposal for the registration of drones

FlyCam UAV, based in Chatsworth, California, offers drones for sale and provides drone-based photographic services for film, agriculture, and infrastructure inspection.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently issued proposed regulations to keep the skies safe from drone-related incidents
Etopia News reached out to top management at FlyCam UAV to get their in-the-trenches view of the suitability of the approach set out in these proposed regulationsHere’s what Jeri Donaldson, FlyCam UAV’s CEO, had to say about these proposed new rules:

Since FlyCam UAV opened its doors we have always put safety and education first with respect to drone use. We can’t tell you how many ‘Amazon’ pilots (people who buy online without any knowledge of drone use or safety) have come into our store to tell us that they flew their drone up to 2000 feet.   When we tell them how dangerous that is we are told that they know when planes are coming and can get out of the way in time. Ridiculous.

“Having to register your drone will now hold these individuals accountable. We welcome the FAA's ruling on registration and don't think it will impact sales at all. It should be a relatively easy process and if it helps to keep our skies safe we are all for it.”

She was joined in her support for these rules by her colleague and FlyCam UAV General Manager Jeff Barnett, who added that “We're all for registration of UAV's. We feel people need to be accountable for their actions when utilizing this amazing technology.”

FlyCam UAV is located at 21102 Devonshire Street, Chatsworth, CA  91311 and can be reached by phone at 818-678- 9151. 


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