Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Data Transparency Coalition issues statement in support of SB 573

The Data Transparency Coalition (DTC) is an industry trade-group of Big Data companies with an interest in the adding of value to open data resources.  You can see their constituent membership here.

SB 573, now pending in the California State Assembly Appropriations Committee, would establish a position of Chief Data Officer of the State of California and mandate the creation of a universal data portal for accessing the datasets that the various state agencies will be called upon to assemble.

Asked by Etopia News for its views on this legislation, the DTC provided this statement:

“SB 573 sets up a structure to dramatically expand the scope of open data publication by California state agencies.

“The business opportunities are not just about republishing government data on platforms, the way the most-commonly cited open data companies, like Zillow for real estate or NerdWallet for finance, do. Many of the companies in our trade association can deploy analytics to assist managers within government or build TurboTax-style solutions to automate regulatory reporting - but only if governments adopt standard formats. So the open data transformation, which involves standardization as well as publication, enables these business models too.”

The automation of regulatory compliance is a service offered by DTC Executive Member Research Data Group.

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