Saturday, September 27, 2014

“Skype Translator Users Group” is created to enhance communication among people worldwide

Cortana (about whom more later), and related features on Microsoft’s Nokia Lumia 635, make using this phone a pleasure and very informative.  After asking Cortana “Who is the CEO of Microsoft?,” I was directed online to video of Satya Nadella, the company’s CEO, discussing his work at a venture capital conference, reminding us that cloud computing, and machine learning within the cloud, are the future of today’s computing.  He spoke highly of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform.

On the international front, he is trying to bring a calming point of view to bear on relations between Microsoft and China, and an energetic one between Microsoft and India, where he has recently expressed high hopes for thorough-going cooperation between the company and the state in the pursuit of economic and social development for all Indians.

Microsoft keen to team up with India: Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's - Skype Translator | 2014 Re/Code Conference

Skype Translator combines the functionality of Cortana’s speech recognition software with translations by Bing Translator and subsequently synthesizes the translated text into speech through Cortana’s text-to-speech software.

A “Skype Translator Users Group” has been created on Facebook, and can be found at:

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