Monday, February 17, 2014

Schnur calls for “convening a discussion” about e-initiatives once he’s elected

Dan Schnur, an independent candidate for Secretary of State of California in the June primary, has indicated that he supports “convening” an assembly of stakeholders to discuss the pros and cons of implementing an “e-initiative,” or online signature-gathering for official petitions.

Schnur has declined to endorse this proposal as part of his campaign platform, saying that he would not have the power to convene such a group until he was elected to the Secretary of State position.

A Republican candidate for this office, Pete Peterson, answered an inquiry about e-initiatives on Facebook by referring to Point 4 of his Five Point Plan.  "There I note my support for not only exploring e-signatures in ballot initiatives, but actually looking at an 'e-Petition' process that could work like an 'indirect initiative'."

Alex Padilla, another candidate for Secretary of State, in his capacity as a California State Senator, has declined to carry a bill implementing e-initiatives in the current session of the California State Legislature.  Another member of the Legislature, Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian, has until Friday, February 21st, to decide if he’ll carry such a bill this session.

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