Thursday, January 2, 2014

If it can be shown to be secure, Pete Peterson will support legislation to allow online signature-gathering

Republican candidate for Secretary of State of California Pete Peterson today announced that he would conditionally “support legislation” to implement online signature-gathering on initiative petitions in California “if we could securely do it.”

Asked if he’d support legislation to bring about Smart Initiatives in California in 2014, here’s what he told Etopia News: 

At this point...without VoteCal in place, I'm not sure legislation could be written that would answer my concerns about the statewide ability of the SoS to compare e-signatures with voter roll. I do support exploring what it would take, and if we could securely do it, would support legislation.”

According to a source in the office of California State Senator Alex Padilla, who is also running for Secretary of State in 2014, the senator currently has a proposal to implement Smart Initiatives “under review.”

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