Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pete Peterson, Republican candidate for CA Sec. of State, supports “exploring e-signatures in ballot initiatives”

Pete Peterson is the Executive Director of the Davenport Institute at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy in Malibu, California, and is currently the only declared Republican candidate for Secretary of State of California in 2014.

Asked about his views on using e-signatures on official initiative and related petitions in California, his Facebook account, Pete Peterson for Secretary of State, replied:

“Please see my ‘Point #4’ of my ‘5-Point Plan’ to transform the SoS office. There I note my support for not only exploring e-signatures in ballot initiatives, but actually looking at an ‘e-Petition’ process that could work like an ‘indirect initiative’. I'd have to learn more about security issues, and the power the SoS has to enact this, but I also see the SoS as a bully pulpit for greater civic engagement...including more widespread use of secure technology.”

It’s not clear whether Mr. Peterson’s promise in his 5 Point Plan to “Propose an ‘e-Petition” system with electronic signature gathering that will generate online involvement in the legislative process” means he supports the introduction and passage of legislation in Sacramento during the 2014 legislative session that would legalize online signature-gathering on official initiative, referendum, recall, and in lieu petitions.

Perhaps a follow-up question to his Facebook page is in order.

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