Monday, September 16, 2013

Harvard Alumni for Divestment rally in the Yard/crowdsourcing divestment

            According to Divest Harvard via its Facebook page, “over 100” people attended the Harvard Alumni for Divestment rally this afternoon (Monday, September 16, 2013). 

            So far the only footage from today’s Harvard Alumni for Divestment rally in front of Massachusetts Hall in Harvard Yard is still footage, available online, here: 

            Calls have arisen for public access to audio and video coverage of the day’s events, and for a text transcript of the presentations, a package of media that could be produced with funding from Kickstarter, if someone would just organize that connection.

            In fact, a continuing fund for the digital documentation of the divestment movement should garner even more support than one just committed to the production of content dealing solely with today’s Harvard Alumni for Divestment rally.

            Crowdsourced investment in divestment could underwrite a fund dedicated to the production of high-quality, multi-media materials dealing with divestment.

            A Divestment Investment Fund fueling a diverse and powerful movement for divestment.

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