Saturday, September 22, 2012

Open Letter to Senator Yee asking about Smart Initiatives

September 22, 2012

Dear Senator Yee,

In 1999, I proposed, in the “California Internet Voting Initiative”, the creation of a system “for voter registration and voting by use of the Internet from the home, workplace, or any other location chosen by a person who is eligible to vote.” 

Your bill, SB 397, has, as of September 19, 2012, now implemented the first part of my 13-year-old proposal.
I wanted to thank you for creating and facilitating the passage of this legislation, which, as you know, allows for the transfer of a digital version of a citizen’s signature on file with the DMV in order to fulfill the requirement that their affidavit of registration contain a valid copy of that signature.

Around the same time I also proposed, in the “Smart Initiatives Initiative”, that official initiative, referendum, recall, and in lieu petitions ought be able to be legitimately signed using online digital technology.

I was wondering if you might now consider authoring a bill to implement this “Smart Initiatives” proposal as well, using the same principles and logic that justified the expansion of voter registration rights to include an online alternative.


Marc Strassman

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