Sunday, March 18, 2012

YouTube is experiencing upload problems

Having experienced a complete inability to upload a newly-created video interview featuring a discussion with UC Davis’s Kent Pinkerton about climate change and public health, Etopia News googled “YouTube outage” and got no relevant hits. Then the organization found its way to the “Video Uploads” section of the Google Product Forums’ YouTube section.

Here, at last and at least, it was possible to learn that this was not a problem particular to the news service, but, rather, a malady afflicting many. Here are some recently posted complaints from erstwhile YouTube content providers:


So when I click the video I want to upload, nothing happens. Help?


Not sure what is the matter here because I never had this problem before in the years I been on YouTube but I cannot upload any videos at all.


This is now officially the topic of more than 100 threads…

Turns out it IS uploading but is not serving you the proper page for you to enter your settings. Don't leave the page -- open up a new tab and go to Video Manager where you can watch the progress and edit details.

No indication that anyone at YT either knows or cares about this.


This doesn't work. I waited 4 hours for a 3 minute video. It still says it's processing under video manager.


I'm still currently waiting on my video to upload as well. It’s been about 4 hours.

Thinking that publishing this article will bring the matter to the attention of those in control at YouTube, Etopia News will now publish this article and publicize it through Facebook and Twitter.

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