Thursday, March 24, 2011

Senator Simitian’s pending RPS bill gets support from Assemblymember Gatto

While SB x1 2, California State Senator Joe Simitian’s bill to establish a 33% Renewable Portfolio Standard for the State of California, remains pending in the California State Assembly, Assemblymember Mike Gatto (D-43rd Assembly District) has strongly endorsed the bill, saying in a statement:

“I get a little angry when the local or national debate becomes a discussion on ‘global warming,’ because seeking renewable energy is about so much more than climate change. To me, renewable energy means clean air and water, blue skies, and fulfilling our generational duty to pass along a planet that is in the same or better shape as we found it. For all of these reasons, I support SB x1 2.”

Etopia News was lucky to get a statement from Assemblymember Gatto about the bill, given the stress under which Assemblymembers are now operating. A request for comment from the Speaker of the Assembly garnered this response:

“As far as a comment from Assembly Speaker Pérez, we are completely inundated with budget issues and negotiations right now, making it difficult to focus on much else.”


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