Monday, July 26, 2010

Indiana allows online voter registration but not online signature-gathering

Add Indiana to the list of states that allow people to use the Internet to register to vote, but don’t let them use it to sign official petitions.

Dale Simmons, co-general counsel in the Indiana Elections Division, today told Etopia News that the answer to the question of whether that state allows its citizens to affix signatures to petitions online through the use of DMV-based repositories of signatures or in any other way is “No.”

Indiana doesn’t have an initiative process in any case. Mr. Simmons did add that he had been asked about the online collection of signatures by someone in Indiana seeking to qualify for the ballot as a third-party candidate, a process that DOES require signatures, but said that he’d “never heard of it before.”

He also said that such a process of online signature collection was “not even considered” by the state legislature.

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