Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tom Harper talks about upcoming SightSpeed-Vista upgrade

Tom Harper talks about upcoming SightSpeed-Vista upgrade, recorded May 23, 2007, from Berkeley, California.  Interview by Marc Strassman
Formats available: Flash Video (.flv)

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Peter D. Csathy said...

Thanks for the interview -- BUT, and this is a big "but", you don't need to do the interview that old fashioned way anymore (i.e., pointing your web cam at the video screen). Our latest version, SightSpeed 6.0, gives you full "interview" capabilities -- i.e., you can press a button to record your live video call (both streams) and then save the file in different playback formats (side by side videos, picture in picture, etc.). Then, you can post that to your blog or web site -- in essence, it is your own "personal TV" studio with SightSpeed. Check it out -- you can see an example of this in action on my blog at this post --

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Peter Csathy
CEO, SightSpeed